Jaw, Neck & Pelvis

4-Day Course, 32 Hours, Prerequisite: Core

In this Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy course you will learn about and practice craniosacral working within the mouth. Working in this way can be a very deep experience for the client to release trauma and help with temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction, systemic inflammation and feelings of safety.

  • Learn about the Stomatognathic System and its relationship to the Social Engagement System.

  • Learn a systematic and reproducible diagnostic TMJ evaluation.

  • Learn many intra-oral and new external cranial contacts. 

  • Learn a gentle method to release the cervical spine.

  • Learn contacts for the sternum, scapulae, clavicles and pelvis.

  • Receive multiple craniosacral sessions throughout the four days.

  • Go home with a TMJ protocol and begin helping others immediately.

“Prior to completing this level, I could not have anticipated just how powerful the intra-oral work could be. In my practise as a myotherapist, I have found the jaw work to be a very practical introduction to craniosacral, due to such issues as jaw/teeth grinding, snoring, pain from dental procedures, TMJ, etc. A lot of these patients now receive craniosacral work as a matter of course.” – Shane McNear

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