Navigating Through Trauma

3-Day Training, 22 Hours
Prerequisite: Core Practices

This course offers a new set of skills and knowledge in working with clients who have experienced trauma and PTSD and deepens our experience of practicing biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

  • Learn to facilitate the release of trauma in the body using the Injury Recall Technique.

  • Gain a new understanding about the neurophysiology of trauma and how to guide  your client through the 4 stages of a trauma reaction.

  • Learn the pathways of a trauma/stress response through the brain and endocrine system.

  • Learn about the limbic and autonomic nervous system's role in trauma.

  • Learn how trauma and stress affect the brain and the body.

  • Discover how to build stress resiliency.

  • Discover the importance proprioception, force vectors and emotional state plays in the severity of a traumatic reaction.

  • Learn to create a safe and sacred container for healing work. 

  • Learn many new contacts.

  • Learn many new tools and resources including sub-modalities, reframing and guided visualization to support the client in navigating through trauma safely and effectively.

  • Learn effective communication skills to council your clients through trauma and support them to return to a more integrated wholeness.

  • Learn how to integrate music into the craniosacral session.

  • Learn breathing techniques to support the client in releasing and staying present in their body.

  • Receive multiple cranial sacral sessions throughout the four days.

  • Go home with new tools to assist clients in releasing specific traumas in one visit.