BCST & Trauma Online

An Introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Body-Centred Trauma Work

4 Online Sessions, Prerequisite: None

This online introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Body-Centred Trauma course will be held over four sessions. In this course, you will learn the foundation of craniosacral practice working with trauma. This course does not include hands-on practice.

The course includes:

  • 4 - Live Zoom webinar sessions (Every live session will be recorded and available as a video) 

  • Workbook

  • Pre-course online study material

  • 1 - Guided audio meditation

  • Unlimited email for questions between sessions

  • You’ll be able to access and view all of the material at a time that is convenient for you

  • Bonus - $200 discount off the current price for Core Practices will be applied after completion of BCST & Trauma Online

By the completion of this course you will:

  • Experience the importance of presence, listening and a receptive touch as the foundation of a biodynamic craniosacral practice

  • Learn about the structure and function of the craniosacral system

  • Discover about the three different models of craniosacral practice

  • Learn the principles and necessary skills including verbal dialogue with receptive touch to facilitate the release of trauma safely and effectively

  • Begin to sense the subtle movement of the cranium on yourself

  • Learn an effective flow for a craniosacral/trauma focused consultation

  • Understand the essential elements of craniosacral practice

  • Have a template for communicating craniosacral work and what the client can expect during and after a session

  • Learn the seven keys to safe and effective trauma work

  • Learn the signs of sympathetic nervous system dominance

  • Discover how to create a Bridge of Safety®

  • Understand the essential components of a traumatic reaction

  • Learn about the relationship between the brain, autonomic nervous system, hormonal system and trauma

  • Understand about intrinsic and extrinsic memory and how it relates to the limbic system and trauma

  • Learn the importance of stress resiliency and how to increase it

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