Do you need to do the courses in a specific order?

It is recommended but not required to do the Embodied Awareness course first. The Embodied Awareness course is a requirement for taking the Deepening Perception course. The Core Practices course must be taken first before other craniosacral levels. After Embodied Awareness and Core Practices, other courses can be taken in any order.


Why is it important to do the Embodied Awareness course early in the training?

The foundation of practicing craniosacral work is the ability to be solidly present within your body and to listen on a deep level. The Embodied Awareness course provides you with these skills.


Can I begin practicing after the first course level?

Yes, you are encouraged to practice immediately after taking the first course level; how you improve and learn is through practice. You will learn how to work on the cranium, spine and sacrum in the Core Practices course. That is not to say you are fully equipped to practice craniosacral after one level. Each course is designed to add another piece to the puzzle and support you in becoming a more outstanding craniosacral practitioner.


Can I transfer to another date or location if I am unable to attend?

You can transfer to another course date or location as long as you give notice of intent before two weeks in advance of the first day of the course. The course is non-transferable within two weeks of the first day of the course. See cancellation policy for details.


How are each of the courses structured?

Each course includes: Hands-on practice (Approximately 75% of course), lecture on anatomy, physiology, trauma and theory, embodiment practice and sharing of personal experiences.


Do I need to have a background in bodywork or healthcare in order to attend the courses?

No. Anyone can participate in the Embodied Awareness or the Core Practices course. In fact, many students who excel with craniosacral work are those with no previous background in bodywork. They have nothing to unlearn.


Will I be certified after attending the course?

After each course level you will receive a certificate of attendance.  In Australia as in much of the world, craniosacral is not recognized by the respective governments. This influences your ability to offer health rebates directly for craniosacral without having a certificate in another area, such as remedial massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc. Any school offering a certification or diploma is only recognized by that school or association it belongs to. The two craniosacral associations in Australia are not recognized by the Australian government.

The Craniosacral Institute Australia offers an optional certification program which certifies you as a Certified Craniosacral Practitioner. It is recognized by you, me and your clients because of the outstanding skill level you attain. Enrolment into the certification program is by application and interview.


Can I receive CPE’s for attending each course?

Most associations in Australia have historically offered CPE’s for attending courses offered by the Craniosacral Institute Australia. For example, the ATMS offers one CPE for every two class hours but if you write a short summary of the course you can get one CPE for every one class hour. You will need to contact your association to confirm how many hours are offered for each particular course.


Do I need to do Core Practices if I have already attended a craniosacral course at another school?

Yes, every craniosacral school in Australia teaches different information. What is learned at Core Practices forms the foundation for all the other courses.


Do I need a massage table in order to attend?

It is necessary that each course have a sufficient number of tables. Not everyone needs to bring a table but if you have one you should bring it.


Can I get liability insurance for practicing craniosacral work in Australia?

Yes, there are several insurance companies that cover craniosacral with or without an association membership. Please contact the Craniosacral Institute Australia for details.