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"This was one of the most intensely rewarding courses I have participated in. It helps to release and integrate the entire body, mind and spirit." -Deborah Noble-Mares

"Healing the Healer has helped me enormously on a personal level as well as deepening my Craniosacral practice which has been going from strength to strength in the last 18 months. It has really opened up and broadened my clinical practice in such a positive way bringing so much more presence to all my modalities. I have so many new and regular cranio clients and the results we are seeing together are so profound." - Anne Walker

“Thank you! This was so much better than I had anticipated, compared to another craniosacral course I have taken, I learned so much. You are very gifted at what you do. I feel like I learned more life lessons during this workshop than craniosacral, and I learned a lot of craniosacral. The class and the experience it brought was awesome. It was a good way to learn CST techniques with a lot of individualized attention and hands-on experience. I felt a lot of important material was covered from the technical to the spiritual, all will be helpful in practicing CST and in daily life. This work gets to core issues, both physical and emotional. I thought the class was well structured and flowed nicely. Very comfortable environment." -Darlene Marmer

"Thank you so much for a life changing training for me, I am now living so differently in my body as I feel I am connected all the way through and love feeling grounded here on planet earth again!  I  also so appreciate the teaching of deep listening presence, this is not just applicable for giving sessions but is a way of living my every day life, being here, grounded and present in every moment I remember to feel my feet on the ground.  I cannot express my gratitude for the way you teach all this, it is in complete alignment with where I come  from in my own practice of living as awareness and presence. I look forward to further trainings with you in the future and in sharing this way of working with my clients."  - With love and gratitude, Ana

"Thank you so much for your amazing course- it has transformed the way I work and I am enjoying applying everything in my practice. I have done just over 50 treatments, some combining Bowen and Craniosacral, but most being just CST. I love the way the work is so varied, from physical trauma, emotional, birth etc- I just never know what the next treatment will bring which makes life interesting and exciting, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this technique with my clients, family and friends. Results have been really good, lots of resolution of pain and I am seeing genuine shifts and return of health in often subtle but profound ways." - Ellisa Nash

"It's was the best decision for me to join Craniosacral level 1 back in May 2015 at the Craniosacral Institute. After researching a few in the market, I was drawn to Michael, and proven to be the best. For a total beginner in the energy work, it was an eye opening experience for me. 

Michael has such a gentle way of presenting his teaching and sharing his knowledge, which made everyone feel safe to share and to open up. I completed all 4 levels as each level was another wow experience. I couldn't wait to see what each level could bring. 

The deep listening and presence approach is not only the vital part of the craniosacral therapy, but also very important part of our daily lives. The more I learnt from Michael's teaching, the more healing and love I received from all the students. It was such an incredible retreat experience at Level 4, we laughed, cried, and rejoiced together as one. I'm forever grateful for the love and care that Michael and all the assistants/students brought to each level and I doubt any other cranio teacher/school will give you that safe, loved and cared experience like the one Michael can offer! 

Each course is my retreat to be away from my usual obligations/identities, and just to be myself, in Michael's sacred space, to enjoy and to share. Words really can't describe the feeling when your souls are echoing with each other. We just love Michael! It's very hard not to love him! 

I Highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested to learn about Craniosacral Therapy. I look forward to many more trainings we can do together." - Love, Staci

"This course gave me powerful skills to use to help me be of service to animals and humans in improving their overall health status. It broadened and deepened my healing and intuitive abilities in many ways and took me to a whole new level in my competence as a practitioner. I couldn't have asked for better instructors. The flow was very good, minimizing both physical fatigue and classroom overload and maximizing useful time. I also appreciate that the freedom of finding our own styles was modeled by having teachers who practice different styles." -Lynn Loftin

"This course is about a complex subject, given in a very simple easy to use manner. It will help with the work that I do with infants." - Susan McCabe R.N.

The Craniosacral Institute Australia is the premier biodynamic cranial sacral therapy school offering cranial osteopathy influenced craniosacral training throughout the year in Australia.

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