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"I love your work, it is profound, healing and heart centred. It was an auspicious time and experience for me at level 4 - deep core healing of emotions and memories in pre and perinatal time. Healing of trauma is very important work and you teach it in a wonderful way. I was able to bring love and forgiveness to the core of my Heart & Soul and let all the dark frozen material be healed transformatively. You have also shown me that the work can be fun and not a dirge or lament. The dancing, singing and oxytocin hugs took care of all that. I feel lots of love and gratitude for your depth of heart love that you shared and taught. Also beginning with Pranayama and Meditation each morning created a safe space for us all to be - like a "Womb Surround". - Love and Blessings, Michael

“I’ve had amazing feedback from my clients and have been blown away by the power of this technique. I will definitely come back for more training.” – Leanne Cave

“Prior to completing the 2nd level, I could not have anticipated just how powerful the intra-oral work could be. In my practise as a myotherapist, I have found the jaw work to be a very practical introduction to craniosacral, due to such issues as jaw/teeth grinding, snoring, pain from dental procedures, TMJ issues etc. A lot of these patients now receive craniosacral work as a matter of course.” – Shane McNear

"I wanted to express my deep felt gratitude to you for sharing this amazing work. Your presence and teaching style was so authentic and your ability to hold the space for the group and yet at the same time for each individual was amazing. With craniosacral I noticed that if I am present with my self and the person on the table and coming from a space of no intention, I began to feel as though I am just holding their energy ( or cranio rhythm) like you would hold a child's hand, and by doing that the energy increased or shifted and moved in some way. And in that the clarity came, I don't have to do anything, I don't have to channel divine love or spirit because that's what this person is, the universal divine spirit. They don't need to be channeled into them they just need someone to "listen" to them, to acknowledge and to allow them. They are the universal divine so why would they need that channeled to them! By me just holding that present state is all that is needed for healing. They heal themselves by my being present with them or in my words "holding" that space and following them.   It now seems so simple! I can't believe I haven't stumbled across it before, and hence I am so grateful and excited to have this been given this wisdom now.  So you will definitely be seeing me again, I intend to finish all 4 of your levels. Love and gratitude" - Jenny Travis

“I've been using Craniosacral & Trauma Release on clients. One had car accident 4 years ago. After pushing a mower, her body was painful all over and she also had a migraine. Focusing on the car accident stress released the migraine and the pain in her body and neck. Thanks" - Marg Hoffman 

"I have always been a bit dubious about any courses having in their outline 'learning intuition'. Holy cow! You did it Michael. I have never felt more intuitively connected in my treatments."  - Nicole Woodward

"Michael and his assistants had a wonderful presence and guidance throughout the course. I felt very safe throughout the whole process." - Stefanie Allison

"I loved it and I have gained a lot of knowledge to apply in my practice of massage starting tomorrow. I feel craniosacral work is taking me in the direction that is right for me at this point in my life. Thank you to Michael, Joan and Joanna for your help and guidance." - Therese Norman

"Just wanted to let you know how much the Cranial Sacral has impacted on me. I'm in a constant state of euphoria & joy. My jaw continues to release & my neck I feel is better than it ever was. My posture has improved and I know now how vacant I was in the past, because I am now truely present. Thank you again." - Always in health Athena Pasialis


"Loved everything about the course: the quality education, the powerful practice and the group dynamic. Thank you Michael." - Patricia Famulari

"The benefit in participating for me was to be able to tap into the cranial rhythm and learn how to follow it and help the client release. I loved all of it! I am very excited about the opportunity to use this method and learn to listen, follow and allow." - Tina LaRocca

"I enjoyed the course immensely. I enjoyed mostly the use of intuition and the encouragement to stay present in the body. For me it was a great reminder. I think the teaching methods were very appropriate and of a high level." - Rebecca Cassar

"Although there was heaps of information and holds to get through, nothing was rushed. Adequate space was allowed for each move as well as the recovery post-treatment. The whole weekend was a beautiful experience. Thank you!" - Michelle Ruskin


"This course has enabled me to hear when my family members are coming from fear in their interactions with me. Rather than take offense to what is being said I have been able to hold compassion and respond to their needs, this has been extremely beneficial. Thank you Michael for a wonderful course.” - Megan

"Thank you Michael for organising a very special thought provoking 4 days. It incorporated so much – finding a deeper awareness not only of self but of surroundings and gaining a better ability to just be there for those that cross our path. Sharing experiences, trauma, meditation, dance, feelings of just being accepted with no judgement – the caring, hugs, laughter, and all in such a beautiful place. Expressing traumatic events, witnessed by others, with words and tears and anguish has been positive – as though this burden that has been a part of my body/being has dissipated and the hole has healed. More than that I can’t explain, but there is a lightness in that small (but what was invasive) place. Thank you so much Michael for your input, organising, information, generous sharing and your caring. Great material you covered and I really liked your summarising at the end of all we had learnt." With kind thoughts - Trisha VDB


"An amazing weekend full of love, care and consideration for our continued healing and growth and for what we can now share with others. My heart is filling:)))" - Mary-Lou

"Thank you again Michael for creating such a loving and comfortable space to learn in. If only all classrooms could make students feel so relaxed, supported and heard. I feel very blessed to have met you all and I look forward to keeping in contact with everyone and immersing myself in practice." - Sam J x

"In contrast to the Upledger class I took, Dr. Aaron’s class was small and personal. I felt a big difference listening to a person teaching in a direct manner, from their own insights and personal reference rather than following a curriculum. There was a sense of the moment, of spontaneity. I began to get the feel of who was around me, to become aware of other humans. This awareness was supported by an interesting objective and intuitive observing exercise, sharing circle, movement and meditation. I felt held and supported in my desire for touch to allow and follow movement."  -Barbara Vos

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, a lot to experience. Staying open minded and being of a beginner's mind as Michael said is definitely a good approach in life. Knowledge wise, it's been sensational." - Dea Sani

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