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Core Practices

4-Day (2023) 5-Day (2024) Training
Prerequisite: None

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Core Practices offers the foundation of a biodynamic craniosacral practice. The core practices, principles and skills are learned to practice craniosacral safely and effectively.

Beginning in 2024, the Core Practices course will be offered in a five day format. This will include an abundance of time spent on developing embodied awareness, the foundation of craniosacral practice.

  • Learn to listen and follow the subtle craniosacral movements to facilitate release of  cranial, sacral and spinal imbalance.

  • Develop and refine your receptive touch to access the subtle movements and restrictions in the craniosacral system and fascia.

  • Begin to learn the theory and necessary skills to facilitate the release of trauma safely and effectively.

  • Learn specific cranial, sacral and spinal contacts to access the  subtle movements of the craniosacral system.

  • Integrate verbal dialogue with receptive touch to facilitate a safe healing process.

  • Develop your intuitive skills.

  • Discover your ability to facilitate dural and fascial unwinding to release trauma  permanently  from the body.

  • Practice and be worked on for extended periods of time.

  • Receive multiple cranial sacral sessions throughout the four days.

  • Go home with a craniosacral protocol and begin practicing craniosacral in your office  on your first day back.

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