Deepening Perception 

4-Day Course, 32 Hours,

Prerequisite: Core and Embodied Awareness courses

This course enhances your ability to deeply perceive imbalance consistently in the client and to dialogue in a way that accelerates healing and supports the client to release and integrate at a deeper level.

  • Perceive blocks held within the client's body at a deep level.

  • Learn new interactive dialoguing skills and a new framework to support greater awareness and resolution of trauma and stress in the client.

  • Receive craniosacral sessions throughout the four days.

"When we are grounded in embodied awareness, we perceive on a much deeper level sensations from within and from outside our body. As we support the client to also reside in the full, rich embodiment of sensations through touch, awareness and dialogue, they become more aware of themselves and how they may be holding onto patterns of trauma, fear and control. In bearing witness to these bodily sensations, these traumatic imprints can begin to unfold and release, allowing the life force to flow and flourish."