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Deepening Your Perception 

Deepening Your Practice: The Path of Mastery

4-Day Training
Embodied Awareness and Core Practices

In this course, you will awaken your perceptive abilities to see and feel energetic blocks and imbalances in the client's body on a deeply profound and consistent basis. In Core Practices, we focus on developing  'listening hands' where in the Deepening Your Perception course we learn to listen and perceive what the client's body is saying with our whole body. This level of awareness and perception demands a much greater level of presence, focus and listening.

The course will also teach you to somatically dialogue in a way that accelerates healing and supports the client to release and integrate at a deeper level.

  • Perceive blocks held within the client's body at a deep level consistently.

  • Learn new interactive somatic-informed dialoguing skills and a new framework to support greater awareness and resolution of trauma and stress in the client.

  • Learn effective communication skills to council your clients through trauma and support them to return to a more integrated wholeness.

  • Receive and give craniosacral sessions throughout the five days.

"I loved this course. Spread over four full days this was such a beautifully held and supportive container. 

I came away with a total deepening of my skills and knowledge; developing a deeper sense of trust in myself and my work. This is a valuable course to enhance your awareness and perception as a practitioner." - Sage

"Thank you so very much for a wonderful four days of learning, sharing and experiencing the Craniosacral 
Deepening Perception course.
I enjoyed every moment

of it with everyone who was there to learn your beautiful,

kind, caring and gentle approach to healing the body

of past experiences and trauma release. I am inspired to practice with family, friends and colleagues to improve my knowledge and practice of this

important healing work." - Jan

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Training
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Training
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