Healing the Healer

4-Day Training, 32 Hours
Prerequisite: Core Practices

In the Healing the Healer course we will dive deeply into our past whilst also staying in the present moment, exploring our lineage in relation to intergenerational trauma. Within the context of craniosacral work and self-enquiry, our intention

is to release what is not ours.

  • Uncover and release the beliefs, behaviours and the physical manifestations of transgenerational trauma.

  • Learn to facilitate the release of trauma in the body using the Injury Recall Technique. Go home with new tools to assist clients in releasing specific traumas in one visit.

  • Discover how to build stress resiliency.

  • Discover the importance proprioception, force vectors and emotional state plays in the severity of a traumatic reaction.

  • Continue to master the necessary skills to practice craniosacral and trauma release safely and effectively.

  • Explore practices to connect deeper into your heart.

  • Receive multiple cranial sacral sessions throughout the four days.

"Healing the Healer has helped me enormously on a personal level as well as deepening my Craniosacral practice which has been going from strength to strength in the last 18 months. It has really opened up and broadened my clinical practice in such a positive way bringing so much more presence to all my modalities. I have so many new and regular cranio clients and the results we are seeing together are so profound." - Anne Walker

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