Jaw & Neck

3-Day Training, 22 Hours
Prerequisite: Core Practices

In this Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy course you will learn about and practice craniosacral working within and around the mouth and neck. Working intra-orally can be a very deep experience for the client to release trauma and help with temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction and feelings of safety. It can also assist in the normal growth and development of the jaw in children and adults.

  • Learn about the Stomatognathic System and its relationship to the Social Engagement System.

  • Learn a systematic and reproducible diagnostic TMJ evaluation.

  • Learn many intra-oral and new external cranial contacts. 

  • Learn a gentle method to release the cervical spine.

  • Learn about the  development of the jaw and ways to correct imbalance.

  • Learn contacts for the sternum, scapulae and clavicles.

  • Receive multiple craniosacral sessions throughout the four days.

“Prior to completing this level, I could not have anticipated just how powerful the intra-oral work could be. In my practise as a myotherapist, I have found the jaw work to be a very practical introduction to craniosacral, due to such issues as jaw/teeth grinding, snoring, pain from dental procedures, TMJ, etc. A lot of these patients now receive craniosacral work as a matter of course.” – Shane McNear