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Be Your Own PAL

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Connection and community are the greatest determinants of longevity and happiness. In this time of pandemic, it is not easy to stay connected with others. For some, it is very challenging to see our loved ones right now with them often living far distances. Even though connection with others is vitally important, it is also as important to connect with ourselves. If we are not present with ourselves, how can we be present with others fully?

It starts with being your own PAL.

PAL is an acronym for: Presence, Allowing and Loving

Be present with yourself and with the reality of what is at every moment by continually pausing for presence. Find ways to be reminded regularly to pause and bring your awareness to your breath and body. Take in 2-3 deep breaths, focusing your awareness on the sensations of breathing. You might have an App that goes off periodically to help remind you. After being aware of your breath, next take a moment to be mindful and bear witness to your surroundings. In this way you will experience greater presence throughout the day, not only when and if you sit and meditate.

Allow yourself to be with what is, however uncomfortable the emotions may be, without moving away from them. As they say, this too shall pass; it always does.

Love and accept yourself just the way you are. Fall in love with your spiritual essence, your body and your mind. Give yourself the love you deserve. Realise that any inner dialogue that isn’t loving isn’t from your Higher Self. These are the false messages you picked up along the way from people that were trying to make you believe that you are not enough. You are so much more.

© Michael Aaron 2020

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